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Welcome 🙂 We are Olive and Mints



Becoming professional wedding videographers actually started with our own wedding.



We were young and not exactly what you would call wealthy. Tanya, my now wife, and I, Jay, wanted to video our wedding, so I bought a camera. After all, why spend the money on a videographer when I can have my own camera? I learned a lesson that day. No; I learned a VALUABLE lesson that day. One that has haunted me ever since

When you need something done and done well, have a professional do it. All, and I mean ALL, of the footage that was “shot” was unusable and wasted. Now I have to wait until we renew our vows in a few years to have a decent wedding video.. sadly ill never be able to look back and see her excitement getting ready, or the look on her face walking down the aisle, hearing her voice reading the vows, the movement of the first dances.. theres so much that i can think of but it brings tears to my eyes if i keep going, because id give up any amount of money to have even a 5 min video of the day or the raw footage of the ceremony to share with my daughter when she gets older :/

Jump forward; I find out Tanya is pregnant.

knowing this I refused to miss valuable moments with my children like I did with my wedding. I poured myself into learning how to use a camera, and more importantly, how to video precious moments 





It is these precious moments that Olive and Mints wants to catch for you.


A wedding is the culmination of one story and the start of a second. Stories are art, and our approach to videoing weddings has the same approach. Your wedding is an artistic representation of your special day

Olive and Mints does not “direct.” It is not our place to have anything to do with your wedding. We shoot the video by staying out of the way, capturing candid, coercion free moments for an authentic representation of the couple

This is not just our careers; this is our true passion and calling. Our mistakes have become your treasures. Treasures that you can share for generations to come

Every wedding is as unique as the story behind it. This is why our pre-packaged offerings may not be to your specifications and liking. We welcome inquiries and will help design a quality package that will fit your budget with the  same attention to detail as any of our customers

Tanya and I live and work out of Orlando, Fla., but we love to travel. We have affordable destination wedding packages available. We are always ready to go where your wedding will take place. Our passports, suitcases, babysitters and equipment is ready. We need a date, time and place to meet

Peruse, watch and get to know who we are. I have made it a point to document as much of Tanya’s pregnancy and the life of Alizee since day one. come wedding day we will be spending a full day together, so putting names to  faces is important to us, not to mention you will feel more comfortable once meeting us after you have followed our personal videos from the start

Thus, Olive and Mints Videography is more than a job. Many of the couples we have previously filmed are now our Facebook friends. For now, feel free to start by visiting our professional Facebook to learn even more about us. but if your confident that were the right videographers for you, then head on over to the contact us tab and shoot us an email 🙂

May your day be bright and your new life even brighter

Jay and Tanya Martinez

Olive and Mints Videography
Orlando, Florida


  •  1st Video is of the pregnancy Announcement


  • 2nd video is of course my wife being silly making sure the baby comes on time by doing her unique excercise lol


3rd video is the journey to the hospital and back…MUST WATCH 🙂